Timbaland and Chris Cornell

3 11 2008

Chris Cornell has a new album coming out.  He is working in collaboration with Timbaland.  I first heard their new song on my friend Matt’s Myspace page.  I hadn’t heard that there was a new album coming or anything.  So I did some looking around.  Turns out they were doing a release party at the Verizon store in Tukwilla.

So we went down there and checked it out.  It said 3:00, so we got down there at 2 to try to avoid any lines.  No one was there.  They gave us a wrist band and said that we could just come back at 3 because that is when they will start lining up.  And then we should get in around 4.  Alright, fine.  So we go to Best Buy to get a couple CD’s and then to Starbucks to kill some time.

As it gets closer to 3, we head back over.  There is a crowd now, but nothing to be concerned about.  There are about 7 people in an impromptu line so I go ahead and jump in it.  Turns out it really isn’t going to matter because the people with the VIP badges will get to go in front of us anyway.  More about that in a minute.  So 4:00 rolls around and they say they are going to start lining people up.  VIP badge people get to go in first.  Fine, there are about 40 people.  Not a big deal.  Some DJ guy who I didn’t recognize was outside entertaining everyone.  He must have somehow been connected to them, because he seemed to know them.

So he’s handing out tickets to the show later that night.  I didn’t win any, but then again I wasn’t really trying.  I look at the time.  What the heck?  It’s already 5:00.  Lets get moving!  Remember those VIP passes?  Yah.  Turns out that if you just go inside and buy an accessory, you get a badge.  Which I’m all fine with, but I don’t think that should get you to the front right away.  So now, a bunch of people go inside and buy a phone charge and get to move up to the front.  Kinda stupid.  Finally they let us in.  I think it was 5:30 or so that we got to go in.  They made us drop off all of our stuff at the door on a giant table.  I mean…ALL our stuff.  No cameras, wallets, phones, bags.  Nothing.  Only your autograph material.  Good thing Kaitlyn was there with her purse.  I just put all my stuff in there.  And some of Tukwilla’s finest were on guard.

As we get closer, they tell us one item per artist.  Here’s a guy in front of me with about 4 records, 18 album inserts, a hand full of pictures.  I don’t know what he’s gonna do.  This lady behind me brought her own guitar.  We get up there and Timbaland looked bored out of his mind.  Chris was a little more open.  He had his little girls there with him too.

The lady behind me didn’t have anything for Timbaland to sign.  And when he went to sign her guitar, she kinda moved it away and said…oh no, sorry.  haha.  I thought that was kinda funny.  And then we were done.  I am looking forward to getting the new album though.  I’ve always been a fan of Soundgarden and Audioslave.  I think this will be a different sound.  I think it’ll work for those who like both artists.  We’ll see.



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