Honeymoon Adventures. Day 2.

17 11 2008

We finally made it to day 2!  As the days grew more and more relaxing, we didn’t do as much craziness.  A lot more calm.  So we wake up at some point and decide to head to the pool.  There’s a decent crowd out there.  We grabbed a seat and head in for breakfast.  They have a buffet setup in one of the restaurants by the pool.  Perfect!  We get some food and as were sitting there eating, a couple gets up to get some more food.

It was like ringing the dinner bell at 5th grade camp.  Except for birds.  You can tell that this is a problem that they have been facing for some time.  They had nets up to try to keep the birds out, but ultimately they will find their way in.  As soon as they got up, there was about 6 or 7 birds taking food off the plates.  And they were ambitious too…taking full slices of bread or sausage.  And these weren’t like hawks or anything, just the size of robins.

After breakfast, we are lounging by the pool and they say that they are going to start with some games.  If you’ve never been to an all-inclusive resort before, there is a team of staff members that are in charge of providing activities during the day.  First up was the ring toss.  Simple, yes?  Consists of two round.  The board is about 12″ by 12″ and has 9 pegs on it, all representing a different number of points.  We have 6 rings.  A few people go before me so I get an idea of how hard to toss it.  I miss a few, but I get lucky and hit a few high numbers. The second round is the same thing, except now our eyes have to be closed.  Somehow, I manage to get a couple 9’s and a couple other high numbers.  Woohoo!  I win.  Now I get an arbitrary number that they assigned at the start of the game.  If you get a certain amount of points by the end of your stay, you win some prizes.

We did some more sitting by the pool and some more drinking.  The next game came up.  It was only Kaitlyn and myself.  So we automatically win.  Oh, and since we were the only ones, they gave us double points.  =)  This game was called learn the local language.  I’d love to tell you what I learned, but the combination of me drinking and not really caring…and drinking made it so that I don’t remember now.

We still had much of the day left.  However we spent it by the pool.  I had heard that the Caribbean has weird weather.  I’ve never been somewhere where there is such spontaneous rain.  It will be absolutely beautiful outside and within an instant it will be raining.  It’s very temperamental that weather is.  I’m sure we had dinner somewhere that night, but since I didn’t write it down, I don’t remember.  Instead, we went swimming that night.  A late night swim is nice.  Oh wait.  More spontaneous rain.  Serious?  I just saw 1,736,074 stars and I look away for a second and now rain.  Not wanting to be “that tourist” we stayed out in the pool.  The rain wasn’t really that cold.  And the pool was somewhat heated…although I think they relyed on the heat to warm the pools instead of electricity.

When we finally got tired of the rain, we went inside.  We had yet to actually eat any of the candy from our candy buffet.  Which brings me to another story that I will put in a different entry.  Let me just say…sorry.



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