Honeymoon Adventures. Day 3.

20 11 2008

Ahh…day 3.  The sun is rising.  A fresh rain just passed over head and is dropping from the trees.  The local birds and other animals are out and singing.  It’s a great morning for a walk.  Instead, we slept in.  And it was GREAT!  This is really only the second full day that we’ve been here, and we were both pretty tired still.  So sleeping in wasn’t too bad.  Plus, I don’t know if any of those things I said were true.  When we woke up, it was cloudy and raining.  When did we get back home to Seattle?

So we go have some breakfast.  There is a little home style diner that has crepes for breakfast.  So we give that try.  I had the peach and KT had banana.  They were okay.  Not the best crepes I’ve had, but not the worst either.

We decided to finally go have some lunch.  There is a little beach side restaurant that had some good food.  Plus they had nachos.  They weren’t any sort of delux monster nachos or anything, but whatever.  I’ll take ’em.  Mmmmm….nachos.

I found this cocnut drink.  It is literally a cocnut that they open up and pour liquor into.  It was good.  But after a while…too much fresh coconut juice made me not feel well.  Or maybe it was too much liquor.  Whatever it was, I didn’t finish it.

That evening they had a local celebration.  They had guests that performed some local music and dancing.  There were also some fire dancers.  They had some tourches and did some dancing with them.  They were also fire breathers.  Which really caught me off gaurd because I wasn’t expecting it…and when I started to smell gas I got a little worried.  Yah, I am pretty convinced that they were using gasoline.  At least use liquor or something!  It works just as good, doesn’t smell bad, and if you accidentally drink some then you’ll probably still be okay.

We went back into the hot tub and relaxed some more before finally turning in.  Tomorrow we had a big day ahead of us anyway.  For some reason, I was willingly strapping myslef into a harness and travelling down a wire from one tree to another…30 feet in the air.  Some places were much higher than that!