Workout routines

27 07 2015

I said at the start of this that I wasn’t going to blog about my workouts.  And yet, here I am with a 3 week update.

I started this workout thing doing the Focus T25​ program.  It’s a great program, but I started feeling like I wasn’t getting enough of a workout during that 25 minutes.  I feels like it’s more of a “maintenance” routine that you do once you’ve already reached your goal weight.  So today I switched to Insanity​.  I’ve completed both before, and done Insanity a few times already.  It really does give that extra intensity workout that I am looking for.

Doing T25, I was always in the warm up or fat burn category, and on a rare occasion I was able to get into the Aerobic area of my workout.  The warm up zone, you’re between 75 – 100 bmp heart rate.  Fat Burn zone puts you at 90 – 120.  I felt like it just wasn’t enough to help me achieve the goals that I want.  With the Insanity workout that I started again today (I couldn’t find the starting disk, so I just did Pure Cardio), I wore my heart rate monitor to see where I was at.  The workout today was 35 minutes.  9m 54s (28%) was in the warm up zone.  9m 03s (26%) was in the Fat Burn zone.  12m 27s (35%) was in the Aerobic zone.  This puts you at 105-140 bmp heart rate.  And 4m 02s (11%) was in the Anaerobic zone.  Anaerobic literally means ‘living without air’.  This puts you at 126 – 160 bmp sustained heart rate.  My peak heart rate was 162.


I really do love the Insanity workout program.  It gives me the workout that I want; that I feel I need to succeed.  That being said, Focus T25 is no joke.  As I said, I have been doing it for the past 3 weeks.  When I started this journey, I weighed 197.8 pounds.  That is the heaviest I have ever been, and I didn’t want to reach the 200 mark.  I had a 39″ waist (measured at the hips) and a 42″ stomach (measured at the belly button).  Today I am down a little over 12 pounds at 185.4, a 36″ waist and a 38″ stomach.  I have changed a lot of my diet, which probably contributes the most to the weight loss.  No alcohol, soda, coffee.  No processed foods like crackers or chips.  No candy…which was probably the hardest craving to battle; the sweets.  And the late night snacking or snacking because I’m bored.

Still have a ways to go before I reach my goal weight, but I like the progress so far.  And I’m not going to stop once I reach the goal, but it’ll be nice to have a glass of wine or some scotch to celebrate.



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