Bag of candy.

18 11 2008

While writing the story below, I had forgotten about this and I had meant to apologize to everyone sooner.

Kaitlyn and I had both thought that the candy buffet was a good idea.  We wanted to have some nice little containers or bags or something that everyone could put their candy in.  Then we thought, well…we need something to seal them.  Enter stickers.

You’ll recall my story about the envelopes and my mighty extra strength glue stick.  Apparently, I have a problem with purchasing things that bind things together.  Forever!

If you were one of the guests who decided that they would save some for later and used one of the provided stickers to seal your bag, then you will know the intense struggle that came when you decided to enjoy said candy.

Apparently the stickers we got were made for construction purposes or for holding dams together in Holland.  Being scissor-less in St. Lucia posed a problem for me when I tried to open the bag.  The bag did not really survive.  But alas, I was able to enjoy the candy.

So again, let me apologize for my misjudgment in purchasing binding materials.