New workout plan

26 10 2015

I completed my first week of T25 Gamma and started the second week today.  The program is okay, but I don’t think it’s going to suit me in what I am looking for in a workout program.  I actually miss doing the cardio work, as I’ve found that I feel better during the day when I have a cardio workout. Having done p90x in the past (a few times), I know that it is one of the best programs if you’re looking to build muscle mass.  However, it does lack in the cardio department too.  Since I am now looking to not lose anymore weight, and gain some of the muscle back, I have decided to put together my own hybrid workout program combining P90X and Insanity Max.  This will give me the intense cardio that I want, but also bring in the weight lifting that I want.  I really wanted to be able to start this morning, but I couldn’t create my calendar until today.  So I made sure to do a weight day from T25, and I’ll just ‘officially’ start tomorrow.  I did a 16 week program, which puts my end date for this round at the Friday before Valentine’s Day.  However, there is a week in December when we’re in California so I might skip that week which would push me a week later.  If this program goes well, I might just repeat it again.  We’ll see how it goes.



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